Sentir la beauté Ecouter les arbres Toucher les nuages Gouter l'aventure Voir la vie...
Sentir la beauté Ecouter les arbres Toucher les nuages Gouter l'aventure Voir la vie...
5SENS rando

Chloé et Frédéric CHAPIER
Quartier La Vasta

06380 Sospel
Tel : +33 (0)6 50 47 47 52

Actualité :   Nous proposons des sorties toute l'année.  Appelez nous pour réserver.

News : Many tours every week ! Call us for informations.

Local Products Tasting

Please be aware that the following description can be tempting, it is strongly recommended not to read on with an empty stomach!

We are passionate about what our region has to offer and wish to make your experience unforgettable!  We give you the opportunity to taste our local food, upon request.

Be surprised by our menu that has some Italian and “Nicoise” influence…

While hiking and biking our beautiful region, what else to ask than a local culinary break: “pissaladiere”, “tapenade”, sundried tomatoes, delicatessen, cheese, seasonal fruits etc.


Please specify when booking your trip if you wish to add our “Countryside Picnic” in your trip.